Meet Our Instructors


Derek Waddy


Derek is a graduate of Towson University and a former collegiate football player who has taught yoga and meditation since 2011. Although initially hesitant to teach yoga due to his preconceived thoughts about the practice, the physical and mental benefits. Derek experienced from practicing yoga inspired him to share with others. As a result, he has presented at yoga conferences, lead yoga teacher trainings, and retreats throughout the United States and abroad. The passion Derek has for encouraging people is contagious. He is known for his big smile and sweaty, fun, challenging yoga classes. You will leave Derek’s class feeling renewed, strengthened, and inspired.

Paula Walker


Better known as Handstand Paula, is a beloved yoga teacher at greenmonkey® Miami Beach for the past 10 years. You’ll often catch her flying up into inversions and she’s passionate about teaching + uplifting her students to do the same!  Yogis love Paula’s classes for their strong sequencing, motivational + uplifting messages, fabulous playlists, challenging workout, core work and positivity + inspiration.

Kiki So


KiKi took her first Yoga class in California. She was introduced to vinyasa flow with a heavy focus on alignment. In Miami she completed a strict 200+hr training according to a traditional style from Mysore, India. That same year, she traveled to India to expand her practice. As KiKi continued into her next 200hr training she gained appreciation for Yoga from a more modern perspective. Teaching over the past few years in Miami has given students from all backgrounds a chance to discover KiKi’s warm, fun and challenging classes.

Jasmyn Russell


Jasmyn Russell started her spiritual practice focused on Vinyasa Yoga, Hatha Yoga, mantra and “user friendly” meditations. After 6 months of studies in India, she went on to teach spirituality in in Italy, Greece, Colombia, Peru and Spain. and now leads classes at Green Monkey, in Corporate wellness and with private students locally that emphasize lifestyle and daily practice.

Despite her passion for studying the ancient teachings and practices, she is a Jnana Yogi: one who studies herself and her own experiences to deepen her understanding of both the earthly and the spiritual worlds.

Gabi Torres


Is a healing artist based in her native hometown of Miami, FL. She earned her degree in Psychology and Studio Art from the University of Central Florida. After college she moved to Marina Del Rey, California and embarked on her studies of Art Therapy and Marriage and Family Therapy. Three years later she earned her dual Masters Degree from Loyola Marymount University. In California she furthered her passion and thirst of knowledge for the healing arts and deepened her connection with nature. She has been connected with yoga for 12 years and the practice of art therapy for 8 years. 

JP Tiffert


His practice has been shaped by the teachings passed from the lineages of Swami Satchidananda and Sri. K Patthabi Jois. Furthermore, Yogi Bhajan from the Kundalini Yoga tradition have inspired him to share what he has learned about the different aspects of Yoga. he focuses on alignment, strength building and stretching while offering variations and modifications to make the practice safe and fun for all levels.

Dan Phalen


Dan’s journey to yoga grew out of a state of crisis in his life. Deeply rooting him to the mental aspect of the practice. Today Dan teaches a rigorous vinyasa with dharma talk that touches your soul. Be sure to check out his classes for good vibes and juicy flows.

Liana Simone Ponce


Has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has a passion for the practice. She has a dedicated Ashtanga practice over nine years and has her 500-hour Yoga certification in Gentle Therapeutics from Master Teacher Allaine Stricklen, who is also Liana’s mentor and dear friend. Liana has trainings under Manju Jois as well, the son of Pattabhi Jois who started Ashtanga Yoga. These trainings are in Ashtanga Primary Series, and Yoga Therapy. Liana believes that yoga is for everybody that is open to learn. 

Joey Corona


Joey Corona is a lifelong Meta Mover, Movement catalyst, motivator and longevity expert. As a 20-year yoga teacher he has attained E-RYT status, the highest credential of the Yoga Alliance. Joey combines his quick wit, levity, command of anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, kinesiology and his love of music into a sensational movement experience. He loves teaching his signature Yoga program.

Chad Ingram


He is a Miami native and have been teaching yoga for 16 years. He spends his time off the mat trading land in central Florida as a licensed real estate agent at Keller Williams, Port St. Lucie. Over the next 5 years, he will build >100 affordable housing units in a complex called EKhaya FP, in Fort Pierce, around a Coliving model. His team is building a community of bold, curious and socially responsible residents, all looking to meet new people and share new experiences. Our members believe in Gestalt: that together we can create more, learn more, and have a greater impact on those around us.

Samantha Ross


Is a musician, reiki master and yogi who grew up with a background in fitness and dance.  She became connected with this beautiful practice of yoga in 2011 and found that it allowed her to understand the body and its movement capabilities in a way unlike before. She happily received her 200hr RYT in Hatha Vinyasa through the Yoga Alliance in 2017 as well as her Yin Yoga Certification in 2018 and loves being able to share with others. In her power classes she teaches a dynamic flow that is influenced by Ashtanga and Jivamukti traditions, whereas in her slow flow classes she connects deeply to the more passive yin side of yoga.  

Meka Gibson


For Brenda “Meka” Gibson, a diehard New Yorker whose nickname “Meka” means fire, the path to yoga has been an ever changing one. She has worked as a coach, training manager, and fitness manager for several top-notch gyms and sports performance facilities.  As part of her job, she “dabbled” in yoga taking a few classes and hiring instructors, but a move to Miami two months after major back surgery introduced her to the practice in a way that she had never experienced before. Now a 200-hr RYT, she teaches, but humbly considers herself just another student who is lucky to be able to share her passion with others.  

Imani Etay

@Imani Etay

A soulful yogi from Detroit Michigan. After over eight years of developing a personal yoga practice she has been called to share this transformative gift with others. After receiving her RYT 200 training in Power Vinyasa yoga she has also enjoyed guiding a more slow flow restorative style. She has been fortunate to be able to use yoga for emotional, spiritual, and physical healing herself and others. She believes everyone should be able to incorporate this practice into their lives and she strives to help make it comfortable and accessible for all.

Valentina Alessi


Born and raised in Italy, Valentina is a Yoga Alliance RYT-E 500 certified yoga teacher based in Miami Beach. Valentina was on the training faculty of Blue Osa Yoga Retreat and Spa for three years. Known for her clearly articulated instruction, Valentina’s classes weave together precise alignment and a meditative, powerful focus. Her well-thought out sequences, intermixed with longer held postures create the right alchemy for empowering each student to become more centered and self-aware. Valentina’s style and delivery is practical and applicable, making yoga accessible and useful for all. Valentina is currently on her path to becoming a certified Iyengar teacher.



Astrid Roman


Astrid’s aim as a yoga teacher is to become an assistant to practitioners so they can see that yoga is a great vehicle for healing, not only physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. For Astrid, yoga is a lifelong practice. She’s a Skanda Yoga Certified Instructor. Be ready to have an invigorating, sweet, fun instructed practice in detail. Astrid will encourage you to breathe consciously, turn your senses within and be present while making you sweat.

India Turkell


Brings a focused and driven meet centered, peaceful and purposeful approach to her yoga practice. Following over a decade in corporate America, she came to yoga as a way to counter the stress of working in the corporate world, only to find it would change her life. India identifies with the drive of her students and creates a place of peace, purpose and power. Her class is an oasis to center and grow inner and outer strength, away from the distractions and pressures of daily life. India welcomes and connects with students from beginners to advanced, to challenge themselves and achieve meaningful growth on and off the mat. The breath, safety, self- exploration and great music, are at the root of her teaching style.  

Yana Guseva


Yana was born in Vladivostok Russia and moved to US at the age of 14, around when she started her yoga practice. Her dance background attracted her to yoga movement right away and she has been practicing ever since, getting her first hatha certification in 2007, followed by a Baptiste inspired training in 2011. Yana has since been actively taking courses and training modules with variety of different yoga teachers from different methods, drawing inspiration from the diversity of it all and stringing the most precious gems from each experience it in her teachings.



Patricia Pinto


Is a yoga and Pilates instructor with over 20 years of practice experience and 12 years of full-time teaching. She holds numerous certifications from New York City’s best studios in the traditions of vinyasa yoga, Power Yoga, therapeutic yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga, Reiki, Protocols of Osteoporosis, Muscle Imbalance Assessment and Correction and 150+ hour Pilates mat and apparatus. Patricia has extensive training and clinical experience in scoliosis correction, injury rehabilitation and prevention, fascia massage, spinal manipulation, and sports conditioning.  She is also the founder of Love Surf Yoga, a retreat company that curates surf, yoga, and community outreach retreats around the world. 

Gabriel Villaverde


Is a professional Yoga teacher ERYT 500 Hrs. Yoga Alliance certified and Licensed Massage Therapist. He was trained in Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Nuad Boran (Thai assisted Yoga). His class will keep you mindfully aware in practice and will expand your range of motion by opening your fascia meridians creating new possibilities for your psycho-emotional development. His goal is to deliver the class that the students need and the challenge that is appropriate for the level of each practitioner, and empower them to create the life they deserve, pain-free with endless possibilities for growth.You can expect some new asanas, breath work combinations and a fun playlist to raise your vibration and experience a balanced uplift, and if you come to a Yin class, be sure you will end up totally relaxed.

Levi Doumbia


Born with a tenacious spirit in Ivory Coast of West Africa, Levi Doumbia took an interest into martial arts at the age of 7. His love for movement and athleticism evolved into personal training and sport conditioning as early as the age of 15 years old.

Levi holds various certifications such as 3 Elite Personal training Certs, Glute Development, Massage Therapy, 300hr RYT (-Core Power Yoga-Boston)

Graduating with his doctorate in physical therapy, He uses his knowledge and put his all into making sure he provides service at the highest value possible and always striving to be better.

Lee Jimenez


Lee moved to Miami from NYC and has completed 300 RYT specializing in the benefits of heated yoga.
Lee is a sixth time marathon runner who specializes in conditioning athletes for their half and full marathons. He has represented fitness brands globally.
To describe Lee in one word would be “Godzilla” as his energy and presence are both larger than life.

Meredith Bass


First came to yoga searching for balance to her aggressive triathlon training. But what she found was something far greater than just gaining flexibility…the connection of body, mind and spirit. “I love that when I come to my mat, I really find a time and space that is completely to myself,” she said. After four years of regular practice, Meredith decided to incorporate her love for teaching and recently completed her 200-hour Certification under Green Monkey’s program. “My favorite thing is to break down what appears to be a “hard pose” into easier steps and then smile as my students achieve it” 

Arielle Shimko


Over the last 10 years, Arielle has been practicing a variety of styles of yoga — from Hatha toIyengar to Jivamukti — and she is passionate about sharing the gift of yoga. Her yoga practices enrich her. Arielle loves to share her experiences and knowledge with yoga practitioners and to help students bring their practices to the next level. She focuses on safety and is am very careful with students, advising them to use necessary props and reminding them never to take poses too far. 

Allaine Stricklen


Has been practicing Yoga for over 40 years, has studied with many incredible teachers all over the world, and is Certified by the Yoga Alliance as a Master Yoga Instructor and by The International Association of Yoga Therapists as a Yoga Therapist. Allaine blends her extensive knowledge of Iyengar, Pre-Natal and Restorative Yoga into well-rounded classes. Allaine is a Certified Scoliosis Specialist and has studied with Yoga Teacher Elise Browning-Miller, a Senior Iyengar Yoga Teacher. Allaine has created her own unique style of Yoga, called “Gentle Therapeutics Yoga,” which is a safe and detailed method using various props to restore the body’s balance and vitality.


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