What to expect

At greenmonkey, we offer many classes from therapeutic and gentle to power vinyasa. Our vinyasa practice is a led class that combines the rigor of classical ashtanga flow and research-driven contemporary and Iyengar alignment principals. In the power classes we offer a skeletal sequence so you will begin to recognize the poses and deepen on your own time, we also offer some adaptation around the sequence so its not always exactly the same and still remains somewhat consistent, from teacher to teacher. we offer many classes from from therapeutic and gentle to power vinyasa. 


New to Yoga?

As you begin your Yogic journey, be gentle with yourself. Practicing is a lifelong process that will evolve as will your power, strength and flexibility. Give yourself enough space to grow and time to learn. Pace yourself and trust your body.


Feeling fear or uneasiness? So what!

Like riding a bike, swimming or anything else that you do for the first time you may feel like a fish out of water. It may take a few classes but it is worth the short-term uneasiness. The great thing about yoga is that you can participate from where you are, from your ability, your truth or satya (Sanskrit for truth), so it is only as difficult as you make it! Just let go and relax with what is.


Thinking you’re not flexible or strong? So what!

Concern for many first-time students is their physical inflexibility or lack of strength. You don’t need to be physically flexible or strong. You only need to be mentally flexible and open. Just show up and focus on letting go, breathing, moving, and respecting your limitations. A yoga pose will expose your weaknesses and strengths. We learn so much from our weaknesses and become so much stronger by accepting them and working through them rather than running from them. You will be amazed that as soon as you let go and simply allow the process to unfold, the tension in your body and mind will too, and your range of motion and strength will increase.


Worried about your level or experience compared to others? Don’t be!

Yoga is about your own personal practice and experience. It is not helpful to compete with anyone around you or with yourself. Yoga is about melting away of the ego and behaviors that are not serving us so our true essence can shine. Through yoga you are encouraged to practice acceptance and non judgment for where you are. That is where you begin. You are where you are. Accept your limitations and strengths, they are what they are. Be challenged by discovering what your body needs in each pose. We learn to be connected to our bodies through pranayama (Sanskrit for breath work) and to be in the present moment.


What do I need?

Although you can rent a mat at our studios, it is highly recommended for hygiene or saucha (Sanskrit for purity, cleanliness) that you bring your own mat. We sell a variety of mats at the studio for your convenience. Bring water and a towel. Both are also available for purchase/rent.


What to wear?

Comfortable, light weight clothes that you can move freely and workout in. Be prepared to work barefoot.


How often should I practice? The more the merrier!

Just like exercise or losing weight, results through yoga take commitment and consistency. For greatest results, practice most days of the week. However, transformation will happen with a practice of 2-3 days per week. Just start and let the yoga practice ultimately do you.


greenmonkey Etiquette

  • Please arrive on time, at least 10 minutes before the class is scheduled. Settle in and become present in the room. If you do arrive late, prepare your stuff before you enter so you can be of little disruption.
  • Please remove your shoes and place them in a cubby in the reception area.
  • Please turn off cell phones & pagers.
  • Please avoid strong smelling fragrances.
  • Come hydrated and allow 2-3 hours for digestion after large meals.
  • Tell your teacher about any injuries, health conditions or pregnancy.
  • Be aware of the space around you and be mindful that “the place you are in now, God circled that place on his map just for you.”
  • Always practice at your own level. Never compare or compete – even with yourself. Learn to relax with what is…
  • Please stay through Savasana (final relaxation pose) it is an integral part of your practice. If you must leave early, notify the teacher before the start of class and be as courteous and quiet as possible when leaving.
  • Please pick up after yourself, put away all props and clean your space, mat and props.
  • Come with an open heart and mind, take your practice seriously but yourself lightly, and have fun!