Susan Swartz

Susan Swartz
RYT 200

Why Yoga: Yoga found me in 2000 while living in Los Angeles. Through the years I have always come back to yoga to get into my body, my mind and my spirit. It makes me feel strong, challenges my body and centers me.
How do you live your practice: I live my practice by leading by example, always being an ear for my team, my friends and my community and continuing on my quest of personal growth. As hard as it may be, it’s so important to do the work and always strive to improve yourself on and off your mat.
Where I am most challenged by my practice: In the past year I have struggled with lower back pain and other physically injuries. Its difficult sometimes to feel limitations in our body. I am constantly working to improve my health and strengthen my core.
The one thing I can’t live without: 1. The love of my dog. 2. My amazing friends. 3. The ocean
The book I keep on my bed side table: My journal
What I know for sure:  That I am exactly where I need to be.
What I am committed to: Continued personal development and spiritual growth.
What I share in my teaching: I enjoy bringing my knowledge and personal experiences to my teachings. It’s important to set an intention with each class and connect your spirit with your body and your mind on your mat. Since I focus on beginners, I also enjoy educating students new to yoga and make them feel at home in our studio!
Hometown: Raynham, Massachusetts
Education / other certifications: Bachelor of Science – Marketing  – University of Rhode Island; Master of Arts – Emerson College;  International Coaching Federation – Certified Professional Coach  (CPC) – Institute of Professional Coaching