Sam Cabrera

RYT 200

WHY YOGA: I realized that although power yoga is vigorous exercise, I do not feel as if my body is dreading each movement. I began to notice through certain exercises like running, I always created this destination in my head and I had to run to the destination. Through my yoga practice, I began to focus on how my body felt in that exact moment and this allowed room for something new.
HOW I LIVE MY PRACTICE: By being present in every moment and living life to the fullest because what is next will always be unknown. I live everyday as a new opportunity, therefore each day I try to play with something new.
WHERE I AM MOST CHALLENGED BY MY PRACTICE: Slowing down. With my active background, I love fast paced classes. At times, I am so focused on moving, I lose presence to how my body is moving on the mat.
THE ONE THING I CAN”T LIVE WITHOUT: My family. I have an older brother and younger sister and 2 parents. They mean the world to me.
HOW I HAVE FUN OFF MY MAT: I love to be outside! Ive found that I have a great appreciation for great weather and I love to enjoy it by pools, beaches, or even just hanging out. My guilty pleasure is my love for pizza!
WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: Everyone is perfectly imperfect. Embrace those imperfections, it builds character.
WHAT I AM COMMITED TO: I commit to strengthen and encourage others to have new experiences. My main goal is to help and serve others. I am committed to inspiring others to live happy lives all while creating an authentic self-image both on and off the mat.
WHAT I SHARE IN MY TEACHING: I hope that through yoga I can help students to learn how to exercise, concentrate better, and develop confidence in physical activity. My mission in yoga is to encourage people to enjoy and embrace the present moment on the mat and in life.
EDUCATION/OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: University of Maryland ’15 Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology