Melissa Callahan

Melissa Callahan
RYT 200

WHY YOGA: Simply put I LOVE YOGA. I love what it’s done for my mind, body, and thought patterns. I love what it’s done for my breath. I want to share my experiences of Yoga with others. It feels natural and real when I share my LOVE for Yoga. This feels right to me. I feel this is what my life’s journey has been leading me to. And I am grateful for the long way around.
HOW I LIVE MY PRACTICE: “Sthira – Knowing when to be strong. When to push through. Sukha – Knowing that surrender is not giving up. It’s finding ease, letting go of resistance. Being okay with what is.
WHERE AM I MOST CHALLENGED BY MY PRACTICE: Being okay with the process and not the outcome. And jumping into Crow pose…. scares me today. But tomorrow is another chance to try it out. Or not.
THE ONE THING I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT: My boys! I have a beautiful family, which are the center of my world. I love to garden, and have a passion for African Violets! They are delicate, beautiful, and temperamental. Which make them perfect for me.
THE BOOK I KEEP ON MY BEDSIDE TABLE: The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom
HOW I HAVE FUN OFF MY MAT: I LOVE to cook! Preparing food and sharing with my loved ones is the ultimate in filling up my “”let me show you how much I love you tank!
WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools and awareness they have. It’s not my job to fix or change anyone, but to accept them as they are.
WHAT I AM COMMITED TO: Showing up BIG in my life, and on my mat. Loving myself, and staying committed to allowing space for everyone to love themselves just the way they are!
WHAT I SHARE IN MY PRACTICE: A rigorous practice. To create space for them to explore their breath, their strengths, and to be curious about their true power! Power Yoga = Powerful lives!
HOMETOWN: Cutler Bay Florida. I’ve been a Florida girl since the age of two!
EDUCATION/OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: I used to be a trained Bartender at TGIFriday’s! Yes, I can flip bottles, free pour, and make many traditional cocktails, and smoothies! Think Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”