Laura Groves

Laura Groves
RYT 200 

Why Yoga:  Because yoga challenges me physically and teaches me how to live my life better, how to show up more fully, connect more deeply and consider things differently.
How I live my practice:  Yoga teaches me to live in grace, express myself authentically, meet resistance with courage and presence, and act when I need to act and be still when I need to be still.
Where I am most challenged by my practice:  The hardest work for me is when I have a goal in mind and need to simply do the work to get there, patiently, step by step. Progress sometimes only comes in small increments, and I have needed to learn to celebrate these as I move toward the fulfillment of my goal.
The one thing I can’t live without:  My phone my phone my phone…it is ALWAYS with me. Ask my husband. Okay there are some exceptions, but that would be TMI.
The book I keep on my bedside table:  The Bible
How I have fun off my mat:  Is that even possible? I love to go to the beach, cook yummy food, listen to good music, and laugh with family and friends. Not all together, necessarily.
What I know for sure:  I am still living and breathing, so I have not yet fulfilled what I have been called to do. Also, I know I am loved, and from that foundation, anything is possible.
What I am committed to:  I am committed to serving. Providing support at work, delivering a powerful practice as a yoga teacher, and creating a home that is a safe and happy place for my family. I am committed to connecting, being open and available to others, giving generously and receiving. I am committed to showing up authentically and in integrity.
What I share in my teaching:  I create the opportunity for students to challenge themselves, to discover what is true, what is noble, what is beautiful and what is worth honoring and standing up for, on their mats and in their lives.
Hometown:  Rochester, NY
Education:  Bachelor of Arts Degree, Mount Holyoke College Other
Certifications:  Series 7, 63, 66 and Life Insurance Licensed