Kelly Cinalli

Kelly Cinalli
RYT 200

WHY YOGA: This practice inspires me try on new perspectives in everything I do. I see possibility and opportunity with an open mind now. It’s more than movement. I have gained clarity, faced challenges, and been inspired every time I step on my mat.
HOW I LIVE MY PRACTICE: I love what is missing is what you aren’t bringing. This reminds me to stay accountable for my behaviors before becoming accusatory of the external circumstances in my environment.
WHERE I AM MOST CHALLENGED BY MY PRACTICE: I’m a competitor, an athlete my whole life. On my mat I am constantly challenging my ability to take on the hardest version of every pose and execute with flawless technique. Letting go and being present with stillness and accepting where I am on the journey is the biggest challenge for me. In Revolved Half Moon, I just want to have the bind and lift my bottom hand off the ground without wobbling. I want the result and I am impatient with the struggle of the transition.
THE ONE THING I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT: RUNNING. I love to run and I love Ireland, that place has my heart. I also love Jeeps, hippos, and the color green.
THE BOOK I KEEP ON MY BED SIDE TABLE: All the books I have right now are books to enhance my learning of yoga practice, running technique, Bedside companion is definitely my journal.
HOW I HAVE FUN OFF MY MAT: Anything and everything in the sunshine. Give me a beach, a cigar, a nice craft beer, and a skim board so I can wipe out a million times and I couldn’t be happier.
WHAT I KNOW FOR SURE: Humility welcomes learning and growth.
WHAT I AM COMMITTED TO: Using physical movement to inspire people and expose possibilities where limitations once were.
WHAT I SHARE IN MY TEACHING: A rigorous flow to promote clarity and space to add in whatever it is they are looking for.
HOMETOWN:  Technincally Miami….but home will always be Limerick, Ireland to me.
EDUCATION / OTHER CERTIFICATIONS: Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise & Sports Science, Bachelor’s of Science in Dance, POSE Running Technique Specialist, Orangetheory Fitness Certified Trainer