Christina Pandiscio

“It has spoken to me since then and the journey led me deeper into practice and on to teaching what I love.”

Virginia Heyburn

“I want my life to be a statement of love and compassion, and where it is not, therein lies my work.”

Amy Voelkl

“There’s beauty in everyone and everything.”

Mollie Graves

“How I live, how I feel, how I act is a choice. My thoughts become my words, my words become my actions, my actions becomes my character, my character becomes my habits and my habits become my destiny. I can choose who I am being and becoming in every moment.”

Gus Komninos

“Happiness, in any circumstance, is a choice.”

Laura Groves

“I create the opportunity for students to challenge themselves, to discover what is true, what is noble, what is beautiful and what is worth honoring and standing up for, on their mats and in their lives.”

Susan Swartz

“As hard as it may be, it’s so important to do the work and always strive to improve yourself on and off your mat.”

Paula Walker

“Yoga is a game changer. I see it in people’s faces at the end of every class. They are happier, stronger and more at peace.”

Joey Corona

“Some People Move Mountains, I Just Move People!”