Jessie Potter

“Whether I’m teaching an advanced inversion workshop or guiding new yogis through their very first class, I’m always excited to share my knowledge and appreciate leaving students empowered and inspired.”

Jessica Schreiner

“My goal as a teacher is to help students discover what is possible in their practice and in their lives.”

Christi Caceres

“Remember to be in the moment and to keep things in perspective.”

Bradel Canfield

“There is no right or wrong. There is only what is, so whatever meaning we choose to give to things is something we take responsibility for.”

Julianne Aerhee

“Choose to live with childlike wonder, to explore with each breath boldly, and to remember that you are already connected, whole and filled with Spirit.”

Angelica Sepulveda

“Yoga inspires me to live an honest, simple life with ease, kindness and balance.”

Dawn Le-Walters

“I commit to leaving others in a feeling of greatness. I commit to move with positive intention and the utmost integrity. I am not perfect but I am me, I am real.”

Patty Ware

“I want to create and be part of a community that wants to live happier, healthier lives through connecting to the physical practice, as well as the spiritual, nutritional, and ethical aspects of yoga.”

Megan Eastman

“This is what I hope to share with my students; a practice to create curiosity and discover something new within themselves. Through a balance of rigor and flow within the sequence, my students can expect to learn something new every class.”

Derek Waddy

“I commit to uplift, encourage, and empower others to live courageously.”