Susan Swartz

“As hard as it may be, it’s so important to do the work and always strive to improve yourself on and off your mat.”

Paula Walker

“Yoga is a game changer. I see it in people’s faces at the end of every class. They are happier, stronger and more at peace.”

Joey Corona

“Some People Move Mountains, I Just Move People!”

Marissa Lew

“The connection that I have gained from my asana practice has helped me and challenged me to be able to find calmness and think things through before giving a reaction.”

Liz Grant

“I aim to open my students up to their own strength and power. I hope that students walk out of class feeling stronger and lighter in their bodies and minds.”

Liana Ponce

“All Yoga has the ability to connect one deeper with their true self, while providing countless health benefits for the body, mind, and soul.”

Bradel Canfield

“There is no right or wrong. There is only what is, so whatever meaning we choose to give to things is something we take responsibility for.”

Derek Waddy

“I commit to uplift, encourage, and empower others to live courageously.”

Beth Ogden

“Both teaching yoga and my own practice have taught me patience and humility, and although I am not always “in the moment” I do strive to be present both on and off the mat.”

Allaine Stricklen

I share the Joy of a more kind and gentle practice, learning to heal your mind body and spirit with the use of props to support your physical and mental well being.