Virginia Ansaldi

“This practice changed my life. It taught me to live intimately with myself and the world around me. I teach because I want to inspire others to experience themselves and the world deeply.”

Tanis Lopez

“This is how I live my practice-I connect to my fellow human beings, I reach out, I share. I give of myself every day; and I receive as much, if not more when I do.”

Savannah Pocquette

“You can find me cracking jokes while practicing and teaching. It’s just yoga after all, it doesn’t have to be so serious!”

Laurie Cassidy

“It’s your yoga practice, I’m just here to guide you through it.”

Megan Eastman

“This is what I hope to share with my students; a practice to create curiosity and discover something new within themselves. Through a balance of rigor and flow within the sequence, my students can expect to learn something new every class.”

Ingrid Benzaquen

“I believe in what you think, you must do. Try to fail and learn from it. In my class you’ll find a fun balance between the yoga tradition and playfulness.”

Derek Waddy

“I commit to uplift, encourage, and empower others to live courageously.”

Beth Ogden

“Both teaching yoga and my own practice have taught me patience and humility, and although I am not always “in the moment” I do strive to be present both on and off the mat.”

Cassie Kitcoff

“Yoga reminds me to always live authentically. It has helped me gain a tremendous amount of strength and grace.”

Lizzett Chiappy Eskert

“Yoga has changed and impacted my life and I want to share it with others. Yoga has brought me so much happiness and also a sense of grounding during tough times. It reminds me that I’m right where I’m supposed to be no matter what is going on.”