Hilary Bone

“You are ready now. The present moment is the best moment, so take advantage of it!”

Julianne Aerhee

“Choose to live with childlike wonder, to explore with each breath boldly, and to remember that you are already connected, whole and filled with Spirit.”

Angelica Sepulveda

“Yoga inspires me to live an honest, simple life with ease, kindness and balance.”

Dawn Le-Walters

“I commit to leaving others in a feeling of greatness. I commit to move with positive intention and the utmost integrity. I am not perfect but I am me, I am real.”

Izzy Leon

There is goodness in every person and we are all here to help each other in any way we can.”

Jenaia Farah

“Let go of perfectionism and step into a more powerful space of self-love and acceptance.”

Kelly Cinalli

“This practice inspires me try on new perspectives in everything I do. I see possibility and opportunity with an open mind now. It’s more than movement. I have gained clarity, faced challenges, and been inspired every time I step on my mat.”

Melissa Callahan

“I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools and awareness they have. It’s not my job to fix or change anyone, but to accept them as they are.”

Sam Cabrera

“I commit to strengthen and encourage others to have new experiences. My main goal is to help and serve others. I am committed to inspiring others to live happy lives all while creating an authentic self-image both on and off the mat.”

Wendy Mastin

“Yoga created space in my life and opened up doors of possibility. I teach to share my experience and inspire people to create the life that they want.”