Miami April Community Leader: Lizzy Chiappy

Community Leader Lizzy Chiappy

As we move full force into spring, a time of renewal and growth, I can’t help but reflect back on this past year. In about a month, I will be happily marrying my best friend and love of my life. I can’t say this past year during our engagement has been blissful, because it has not.  Weddings are a perfect example of the “stuff” that we humans allow ourselves to get wrapped up in. Over this past year I can definitely point out specific moments that I let the “stuff” that weddings bring get in the way of love, happiness, peace, and FUN. Thankfully, there is yoga. My practice constantly pulled me out of my head and into the physical experience of my body on my mat. At the end of practice everything would become clear, and then three days later I would be all wrapped up in the “stuff’ again.  This was a lesson to me that if I don’t consciously practice and powerfully declare what I want, it will never happen.

As opinions and suggestions came at me from all directions in planning my upcoming nuptials, all I wanted was peace but found I was doing nothing to create peace. I then realized I just wanted to simply be happy, but yet found myself complaining about all sorts of things, therefore not giving happiness a chance to be a part of me. I wanted to celebrate the love my fiancé, Nick, and I have for each other, but yet I chose to bicker about the stupidest and tiniest little details. It then dawned on me that I was sucking the fun out of this whole process by letting every little thing and person get to me. It wasn’t until recently that I decided to put an end to this.

I decided that I CAN create the life I want. This process CAN look exactly how I want it to look. But, it is up to no one but me. It isn’t easy, because it requires getting out my head on a daily basis. It requires choosing what I want in spite of whatever is going on around me on a daily basis. It takes diligent practice. I have to re-choose and re-declare what I want EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just like those stubborn poses, arm balances and inversions that seem to be getting in your way of love, happiness, peace, and fun, the “stuff” of life can do the same. So keep practicing. Keep choosing. Yes, you will stumble and fall. I do all the time. But it’s not the fall that matters, it’s how we get back up that counts. 

“So often we get caught up in the stuff of life, that we miss out on the gift of life.” –Unknown


In Lizzy Chiappy’s class you can expect to find your inner athlete and warrior as you push through a powerful practice that will be sure to lead you to your edge. Lizzy encourages her students to go farther then they ever thought possible, but to also find that deep connection with their body and mind.

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